Hair Loss Oil

hairloss oil shampoo nizoralEver though of using a natural hair loss oil treatment to slow down your receding hairline ? If you have patches of thinning hair or find your hair is falling out on somewhat of a regular basis, there are a wealth of options available to you. The internet is awash with different products and services related to hair loss. There is also a growing number of home remedies available which are posted to social media sites such as Digg and YouTube.

Of the home remedy solutions the use of various oils is growing in popularity. Two such oils that some people favor are Castor oil and grape seed oil. As a hair loss oil they can be used to treat the scalp and stimulate hair growth. Hair loss can be a result of a number of health conditions - this is just one of the many natural solutions to encourage hair to grow faster.

There is no scientific evidence to back up this method as far as we know.

What you will need :

- Large towel

- Bottle of Castor oil

- Large jaw clip

- Grape seed oil

- Regular shampoo

Step 1:

Prepare your scalp for treatment. Wash your hair with regular shampoo and rinse thoroughly. Towel dry and let it air dry for 5 to 10 minutes.

Step 2:

Prepare castor oil solution. Mix equal parts castor oil and grape seed oil to create an oil treatment.

Step 3:

Apply castor oil solution to the scalp. Slowly massage the castor oil into the scalp to cover it entirely. Make sure all areas including the base of the scalp near the neck and patches around the ears are covered with the oil solution.

Step 4:

Wrap your hair in a towel. Create a "hair turban" with the towel and clip it in place with the jaw clip. Make sure the entire scalp is covered with the towel.

Step 5:

Let the treatment set for at least 15 to 20 minutes.

Step 6:

Rinse the hair with warm water.

Step 7:

Repeat the process at least 1 to 2 times per week. This hair loss oil treatment will help stimulate hair growth and help slow down hair loss over time.