Cat Dandruff

cat dandruffCat dandruff seems to be an increasing problem with cat owners around the world. Have you ever asked the question "Why does my cat have dandruff ?" . It's a problem that affects a great many of cat owners regardless of cat breed. If you are a cat owner it is highly probable that you may encounter the cat dandruff issue at some point in your cat's life span. Read on to see where your cat's dandruff may be coming from and how to treat cat dandruff.

Unlike dandruff in humans which is usually treated with anti dandruff shampoos such as Nizoral A-B and the like, cat dandruff is curable through a variety of home based remedies.

My cat has dandruff ! What can I do ? Overweight cats or aged cats may suffer from dandruff on their tail or backsides. This is due to the fact the overweight and aged cats tend to be less mobile and find it more difficult to reach those areas to clean them effectively. If your cat falls into this category then a good brushing around the effected area every now and then should suffice.

Another reason for cat dandruff that cat owners in colder climates experience is the outbreak of dandruff during the winter months. This is due the cold, dry air which accelerated the drying of the the skin. The problem is made all the worse by the fact that our feline friends love nothing more than to sit in front of the fireplace during winter ! Trying moving your cat away from the fire every now and then and observe if the problem persists or not. If you are desperate for a solution you also invest in a vaporizer to provide your cats environment with moist air.

If you find that that the two above situations do not relate to your cat then it is possible that your cat is experiencing an allergic reaction. Look around your cat's environment and take note of anything that may have changed recently such as new bedding, carpets, rugs etc. Cat's, much like humans, can develop allergic reactions to all manner of materials such as chemicals, wool, plastics and more. If you think your cat might have an allergy, try removing object one at a time and watch your cat's condition carefully.

A final possibility for your cat's dandruff could be diet related. As you know cats can be fussy eaters. While some cats will readily drink as much water as they can others will just take the occasional sip. If your cat's diet is lacking in sufficient water then they may be effected by feline dandruff. Try changing your cat's diet to one with more moisture content - i.e less dry food and more high quality canned food and fish. Cat dandruff is a treatable problem that can be cured relatively quickly if we use common sense, so get to it and make kitty a happy chappy once again.