Vitamin For Hair Loss

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Using a vitamin for hair loss causes a lot of debate online these days about the validity of such a practice. While it is generally accepted that vitamins do indeed have a role to play in the production and maintenance of healthy hair, just which vitamins are they and how should they be digested ? Here we take an overview of the role of vitamins in hair loss rather than any specific hair loss vitamin supplements. Some of the most important vitamins for hair loss are those from the B vitamin group as they contain varying levels of the following elements : Folic acid, Magnesium, Biotin, Sulfur, Zinc and Inositol. 
Experiments with theses vitamins for hair loss by scientists have seen a drop in the number of cases of thinning hair in lab animals. A diet that was low in magnesium for example resulted in hair loss to form in patches over the body while a diet deficient in biotin or inositol resulted in complete baldness.

As is always the case with vitamins - taking vitamins for hair loss is a balancing act. These vitamins are required for healthy hair production but taking too much or any one vitamin may have the opposite effect and actually speed up you hair loss. For this reason it is always best to consult a doctor or health professional when thinking about using a vitamin regime for hair loss. Don' assume that taking vitamins is the one and only answer for you. If you are in doubt it would be advisable to undertake a blood test first to check if you are deficient in any of the above mentioned vitamins.

Using vitamins for hair loss can be part of your daily routine by including those foods which are rich in these vitamins. Also you might like to consider increasing your consumption of foods rich in fatty acids. Fatty acids are essential for healthy, strong hair follicle formation. Fatty acids are most abundant is foods like fish ( salmon, herring ), nuts ( walnuts, almonds ), dark green leafy vegetables, olive oil and flaxseed oil, whole grain foods, lean meats and eggs.

So in summary a well rounded diet which is supplemented with B group vitamins and minerals may be what you are looking for if you want to try vitamins for hair loss.