Dog Dandruff

dog dandruff shampoo

Thanks to modern medicine and research human dandruf problems are larelgy manageable though the use of anti dandruff shampoo like Nizoral A-D.

Why does my dog have dandruff you may ask ? What is the correct dog dandruff treatment ?

Dandruff in dogs looks very much like dandruff in humans. Your beloved dog develops small white flakes in their fur as it is shed from the skin The dandruff can be a result of dry skin, allergies or parasites. To prevent dandruff, your canine friend should be properly groomed on a regular basis and be provided with a diet rich in vitamins and minerals.

It's best to keep a regular time for when you groom your dog and for when you exercise your dog. This will stop your dog's dandruff from becoming visible and ensure your dog's body maintains it's health. One important tip when grooming your dog is to ensure that you brush the fur evenly so that that natural oils in the fur are spread evenly throughout the coat.

It is also advisable to supplement your dog's diet with a small amount of flax seed oil each day. You can simply add a little to your dogs food at meal time. The flax seed oil strengthen your dog's fur and help maintain healthy follicles within the coat.

Wash your dog once a week or once every two weeks. Washing them more than this can dry out your dog's skin and cause the dandruff. When you do wash your dog, brush out the hair and thoroughly dry it. If there is any matted fur that cannot be brushed out, try to cut it out.

Adjust your dog's diet. It's best to check with a veterinarian, but some dogs develop allergies to their food, which causes skin irritations and problems such as dandruff. Your dog might be allergic to corn or other fillers that might be in their food. Dog dandruff is treatable so don't delay any further in helping your dog feel happy and healthy once again.